Daily Attitude Email 10 27 20

Well, it’s official, cross country season is over for Maggie. Last night was the first night of no practice for Maggie.

Cross country has been a great sport for Maggie so far.

But in a way I didn’t expect.

Running is good for you and being outside is good too. This much I expected.

What I’ve been surprised by is the positivity of the sport.

Youth sports have become rampant with overbearing parents yelling at the refs and over competitive kids (and parents).

But cross country parents and fans haven’t been like that for us. Everyone is supportive and cheers on the last place runner as much as the first place runner.

Encouragement and positivity abound.

What does this have to do with you?

Find something like this to get involved in. Surround yourself with positive people and cheer on others as they do their best.

Life is more about competing with and becoming your best self than in conquering and defeating others.

Make it a great day.


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