Daily Attitude Email 12 08 20

I sent the email below a few years ago….

Yesterday was the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I recently read “Unbroken” which is the story based in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. More than anything I was again struck by the willingness to serve shown by Americans in general during that time period.

The book is about Louis Zamperini. He was a famous track star headed for greatness, but he didn’t think about his career or the money or the fame, he wanted to serve.

It reminded me that my job is to do the most with the opportunities given me by the sacrifices of men like him. To make the most of the freedom won at such an extreme cost.

Be thankful today to those who have served. Be humbled by the gifts given that can never be repaid. Be dedicated to honoring their sacrifice by giving your best.

Make it a great day.


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