Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Probably not on your list of traditional Christmas songs, but apparently Pandora thinks it should be on mine.

This song always reminds me of the importance of dance and song when it comes to really getting something into the hearts of people.

It’s such a great version of the story of Christianity.

I danced in the morning

When the world was begun,

And I danced in the moon

And the stars and the sun,

And I came down from heaven

And I danced on the earth,

At Bethlehem

I had my birth.

Dance, then, wherever you may be,

I am the Lord of the Dance, said he,

And I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be,

And I’ll lead you all in the Dance, said he

And the end:

They cut me down

And I leapt up high;

I am the life

That’ll never, never die;

I’ll live in you

If you’ll live in me –

I am the Lord

Of the Dance, said he.

As I get older I am more and more grateful for that very first Christmas gift – that God would send His Son to save me (I know me pretty well and I can’t believe He thought it was worth it).

I hope you can find a few minutes over Christmas to ponder this wonderful gift that was given for you.

Merry Christmas.



  1. Jake
    I’m crying as I listen. My Silas LOVED Irish music! Even their national anthem.
    After he passed, I finally got an iPhone. He had used my information to set up his iTunes account. Yep – I got all his music. Including this one.
    Tell your Mom & Dad Merry Christmas for me. Your employee (?) Kim née’ Barber was Silas’s babysitter. She could tell lots of stories!
    Gloria Martin

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