Daily Attitude Email 01 20 21

I looked through some old daily attitude emails and found this one from the last inauguration day. It feels like it could have been written yesterday, only with more pleading this time.

My prayer for our great country and its citizens is that we can all catch the love bug instead of the COVID bug. That an epidemic would start where we all were so overwhelmed with love towards one another that problems started disappearing, one after another. I know this is idealistic and far-fetched, but I just can’t wrap my brain around anything else that would work.

The funny thing is that I can’t explain to you the “how” it would work part. It seems obvious to me though that what we are doing is not working so well and that a different plan might be worth looking into.

It starts with you (and me) choosing love more today than we did yesterday. Then doing it again tomorrow.

I’m in. Who’s coming with me?

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