Daily Attitude Email 03 22 21

What’s up y’all! With Jake being on vacation this week I was honored and blessed to be asked to be a “guest host” this week for the Daily Attitude Emails. Actually I was the only one to raise my hand….LOL! I know there are a few of you on vacation this week so I thought it would be fitting to spend these next five days writing about the importance of BALANCE in your life. On Friday I will have a little application exercise for everyone, so here we go…..

WARNING – I tend to get a little wordy!


One key to increasing your happiness/productivity is to master the art of balance in your life.

Too many people realize success in their lives/businesses only to wake up and discover that they have paid an untenable price in their health, their relationships, and other important aspects of their lives.

With the pressures of today’s society (especially recently with THE VID19) in running a successful business, building a career (or whatever it is) in a rapidly changing, highly competitive world, people often sacrifice important elements of their life, assuring themselves that, when they have reached the top of the mountain, then they will expand their horizons.

Your business and career represent but one cylinder in your seven-cylinder truck (Maxlider plug…). To get maximum efficiency from your internal engine, you must ensure that all cylinders are firing in sync.

This balance will give you a competitive edge that will dramatically improve your productivity as well as enhance the overall quality of your life. Strive to balance your Business and Career with the other six elements of your life.

Financial Independence • Health and Fitness • Family and Personal Life • Personal Growth and Development • Social and Community Service • Spiritual Development and Inner Peace

The next four days will be focused on four of these life segments that are most easily measured, and will hopefully give you some small nuggets to help you balance your life.


Jeff Leverton

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