Daily Attitude Email 04 05 21

A game I play in my head a lot is the “What if?” game. I typically try to think of some kind of difficult to respond to question and then play it out in my head about what I may or may not do differently “if”. I thought it might be an interesting exercise to send out a few of them that pop up frequently.

I was reminded of this on Saturday at church when I asked myself:

What if the God of the whole universe sent His son to die on a cross so that I could live in eternal happiness together with Him as His adopted son?

What if that were true?

Would we be interested in that deal?

Would we act a little differently towards your fellow human beings (to whom he offers the same exact sacrifice)?

Would we be a little more interested in following the Bible’s advice on loving my neighbor and forgiving others as I have been forgiven?

Would we worry a little less knowing your eternity was going to be full of splendor, peace, joy and love?

Would we tell someone about the whole thing?

What if this were true about the best person you know?

What if this were true about the worst person you can imagine?

What if…

Make it a great day.


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