Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Resending one of the first toe tappers….

When Meaghan showed me this the other day, I knew it would be the Friday Morning Toe Tapper….

Seriously, spend the 1:52 to listen to this, if it doesn’t make you smile you might want to crawl back into bed. I listened to it like 4 times…

What I Am.

Think about that. Part of being happy is realizing who you are and what you are capable of becoming.

Think about yourself while he sings the song, do any of the below fit you? I guarantee at least one does.

What I am is musical.

What I am is thoughtful.

What I am is friendly.

What I am is super.

What I am is magical.

What I am is smart.

And those are just the ones I caught…

There is only one you. It is up to you to try. It is up to you to reach high. You can do it. You can get stronger, smarter, faster, better; whatever you want.

Be the best you you can be.

Make it a great Friday and have a great weekend.


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