Daily Attitude Email 05 19 21

Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit. – Peter Ustinov

Two great ideas about love in one quote.

Endless forgiveness. An insatiable ability to forgive and think the best of the other person.

A habit of tenderly looking at the other. A day by day, hour by hour tenderness and kindness towards the other person.

In the Bible, the call to love others is everywhere.

God asks us to love our neighbors, our enemies, our husband, our wives……the list is pretty long (I think He didn’t want to leave us any wiggle room).

It’s easy to fall into the “yeah, but….” trap.

Yeah, but he’s mean to me.

Yeah, but he’s a liar.

Yeah, but she’s being unfair.

Yeah, but you don’t know what he did.

We have all kinds of qualifiers to add to a pretty clear directive to love.

Be tender hearted today.

Practice some forgiveness today.

Make it a great day.


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