Daily Attitude Email 06 17 21

Organization removes obstacles.

Listening to the podcast about the lady who lost her sight and this point from her really struck me.

She explained how she realized this after being blind. Everything having (and being in) its place becomes very important when you can’t see while you are walking around the house.

If it wasn’t, you would spend all your time carefully bumping into things and adjusting back to where you were trying to go.

I think this is how our brains work with all the clutter, stuff and to dos that are unorganized in our lives.

Without a place for everything and everything in its place we stumble from thing to thing, never picking up the head of steam we need to break through those barriers in our lives.

Is there an area of your life where more organization could make the difference?

All the stuff of life getting in the way of your life?

Email running your day for you?

Is today the day you are going to start the change that gets you over the hump?

Make it a great day.


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