Daily Attitude Email 02 16 22

Yesterday’s email ended with the recommendation to use wisdom in deciding which season you are in and what to do about it.

How do we obtain wisdom?

Seek it.

Don’t have experience in something? Seek out someone who does.

Not sure about all the facts? Find and read the books.

Not sure where to get started? Google it.

Andy Stanley recommends asking ourselves – What would a wise person do?

Once you start finding information – start filtering it through that question – what would a wise person do? If you’re not sure what a wise person would do – ask one. Don’t know any wise people – seek them out. They are all over the history books and in books like the Bible.

If you seek, you will find.

Make it a great day.


PS – For those of us who are Christians – this is why a daily walk with the Holy Spirit is so important. The closer you are to having the Holy Spirit abiding in you, the closer you are to having wisdom live in you and your actions.

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