Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Another school shooting this week has us all questioning the world, our place in it and what to do next.

We wonder if it’s the guns, the violent video games, social media, the schools, the government, the system, etc.

We wonder what would drive another human being to such a desperate and dark place.

Our hearts break as we hear the counts, the stories and see the pictures of lives cut too short.

Solutions seem illusive and out of reach.

I’m not going to pretend to have it figured out, but I do have a suggestion – we start with love.

We work each day to love those around us a little better. We make love a verb in all aspects of our lives.

We make sure that every person that crosses our path feels loved.

This is an us problem – not a them problem.

Make it a great day.


PS – This message resonated with the song above because the surest way to fill our lives with love is to fill our hearts with the source of love. God Himself. Without it, I don’t have a chance at showing the kind of love I need to show in order to turn the tide of the darkness of this world. Through God all things are possible.

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