Daily Attitude Email 06 20 22

Some genius at the USGA decided a long time ago that the US Open golf tournament would end on Father’s Day each year.

This means that almost every year there is a scene on the final green where the winner is embraced by his father, usually accompanied by tears.

It’s a great moment to watch and a great reminder of all the great fathers out there.

The bond between father and son is such that even amongst the turmoil and celebration that is winning a major championship – the winner chooses to embrace his father.

I imagine the winner thinking about all the practices, tournaments, etc. and how they wouldn’t be where they are without the loving influence of their father.

I didn’t win a major championship yesterday, but I was thinking about the same things.

The world sure has it’s problems and imperfections. But it also has a whole lot of good fathers, doing the right thing, putting their family first, and being selfless (most of the time).

Make it a great day.


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