Friday Morning Toe Tapper

The Davis ladies have been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately and this one stood out to me.

Mean people exist. Evil is real.

Taylor pokes fun at the idea of showing up the mean people by doing well, which is a good starting point.

This song also reminded me of an idea from Andy Stanley – “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone”.

Mean people leave pain behind. Pain we see in the people we interact with every day.

We can’t eradicate all the mean people or bad things in this world, but we can come alongside one person, be with them in real relationship and hopefully help the healing process.

An example – Meaghan has been substitute teaching the last two years. She’s come home with stories about how she connected with or helped some young student who was struggling. She hasn’t eradicated bullying or teenage meanness, but she has made a difference in the lives of some young people.

Be on the look out – you’ll be presented with an opportunity to so something similar.

Make it a great day.


PS – There is one true source of healing and peace in the face of the mean and evil of this world – Jesus Christ. He is the only true and lasting answer.

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