Daily Attitude Email 09 22 22

A good husband makes a good wife. – John Florio

Meaghan is soooo lucky, isn’t she?

Probably a better version – a good wife makes a good husband.

The important relationships in our lives all work this way.

Our job is to be the best coworker, husband, wife, partner, vendor, customer, etc. that we can be. In doing so we create the opportunity for the other side to be their best as well.

Our part is to do our part. No one else’s. To play our role the best we can.

If we do, others tend to mostly do the same.

Not all the time. Not even close to perfectly.

They still mess up. They fall short. They disappoint. Our hearts get broken.

If we stick with it. If we play our part with all we’ve got. It tends to work out.

I can’t promise you won’t get taken advantage of. I can’t promise that if you’re a good wife your husband will turn good.

I am willing to bet that you’ll be better off if you do your best to play your part.

Make it a great day.


PS – Meaghan is the best wife.

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