Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Having two teenage girls in the house means we get to listen to a lot of T Swift (or T Swizzle as I call her).

I’ve never been a teenage girl, but it sure feels like she’s figured out how to tell the story of what it is like to go through that stage of life.

All the emotions. All the love. All the heartache. All the stuff that comes with growing up.

It’s a bit over dramatic, but certainly resonates with those experiencing similar emotions.

There’s something magical about empathy at that level. We all have a deep need for someone to be there at the same level of us. To not feel alone.

Whatever your favorite T Swift song or song that resonates with the emotions you’ve been feeling lately, crank it up loud today. Sing along. Remember that you aren’t alone. T Swizzle is right there when you need her.

Make it a great day.


PS – Don’t forget that the true answer to feelings of loneliness lies in the comfort and security of a relationship with your heavenly Father. He will never leave you.

PSS – I only cried a little when we all listened to and sung along to this one the other night.

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