Daily Attitude Email 10 10 22

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. – Jack London

Jim Rohn talks about discipline being the ultimate virtue, as it unlocks so many other opportunities.

This quote is a reminder that we can’t wait around for life to come and inspire and motivate us. We can’t wait for the brilliant idea or perfect opportunity.

I think Jim Rohn was talking about this very idea when he described discipline as the most important virtue.

Only when we have the discipline to continually pursue growth and change do we get the inspiration we desired at the beginning.

We fall into the trap of thinking that when the inspiration comes along we will have the motivation to develop the discipline.

It’s just not true.

The time to start developing discipline is today.

Begin with something small.

Drink water instead of something sugary.

Skip the drive through for coffee and save the money and brew your own.

Pick up the dirty clothes on the floor instead of waiting for your spouse to do it.

Make the bed.

Eat a healthy lunch.

Get started.

Make it a great day.


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