Friday Morning Toe Tapper

First snow on the ground in Central IL this week.

Oliver has developed into quite the snow lover. He has been so excited to come home and run out into the snow and play.

Every time winter comes – it sure seems easier to move into complaining mode.

To dread the cold, the snow and the shorter days. To worry about the seemingly inevitable round of cold or bug that goes around each year.

Instead – Oliver thinks it’s the best day of his life. He’s smiling so wide he could eat a banana sideways.

Maybe a few of us could use a perspective change.

Find something you like about winter and embrace it.

Hot chocolate, coffee or tea.

A warm blanket next to fireplace.

Some quiet time to read and reflect.

A fast sled ride down a steep hill (that’s pretty high up on Oliver’s list).

Maybe even make up some new traditions for the winter at your house.

Winter can be a great season – if you choose.

Make it a great day.


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