Daily Attitude Email 12 12 22


Pastor Ted preached on this one yesterday and the congregation sang together at the end.

In moments like that I usually start looking around the room and trying to pray for others around me.

Yesterday in particular I thought of all those going through difficult times who are in need of a prayer, a hug or some help.

Someone who has lost someone close.

Someone who has gotten an unexpected and devastating diagnosis.

Someone whose heart is broken.

Someone who can’t seem to shake the thing that is killing them.

At Mavidea/Maxlider I often say “there’s a lot of life happening in these 4 walls” and I had that same feeling as I looked around the room.

Church is a great place to think and pray on these things. God is the only solution to the real problems of life. Each of the stories around us are an opportunity to lean into God and His wisdom, love, joy and peace. Each story an opportunity to display His glory and power.

The most difficult circumstances often create the most powerful stories of redemption, healing and forgiveness.

Christmas is a great time to pray for those around us. Our friends, families and coworkers to be sure, but also all the strangers we encounter along life’s journey. Each one an opportunity to put a little more prayer, love, joy and peace into the world. The world can be a dark and lonely place – which is why a little light shines all the brighter.

Merry Christmas.


PS – In case you’re worried about me – I also think and pray for the joy and love that is in the room on Sundays as well. The babies, the happy couples, the smiling kids, the hearts being melted by the love of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for all of them and see them all and others around me every Sunday.

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