Daily Attitude Email 02 23 23

Yesterday’s email talked about being of service in the moment of need for our clients and those around us.

One of the hard parts of service is interacting with others in their moment of need.

Most of us aren’t quite the put together, got it all under control, emotionally mature person we pretend to be in front of others (maybe I’m the only one).

We get on the phone or in front of a service provider and sometimes we are not quite as nice as we should be (it happened to a guy once, I read it on the internet).

For me, being in need brings up feelings of insecurity and can lead to a hole in that self esteem balloon (it needs more air, not less!).

This means that when someone is dealing with me in a moment of need, I’m probably not at my best. I probably let my ego and insecurities get in the way. The bigger the need, the harder this is.

Over the years a phrase has come to be a habit of mine (at least in my head) – “Be of service – with love.”

Without the love part, dealing with someone in their moment of need just doesn’t work.

I think of the kids when they were little and got sick. They looked so helpless and it immediately caused strong feelings of love for them and a desire to help in any way I could.

I’m not suggesting we get all sentimental and teary eyed with every service call. I’m trying to remind us (maybe just me, you probably got this figured out) to be aware of how we make others feel in their moment of need. To cultivate a feeling of love towards those we get the opportunity to serve. If we serve with love – then we are the ones who received the greater portion of blessing and joy.

A client whose service ticket gets solved gets a little bump. The service person serving clients with love – that guy/gal is on top of the world.

Ok – maybe all of this has gone too far. Jake’s gotten a little ahead of himself. Fine. Let’s just try to move the needle a little bit today. A little more love. That seems more reasonable.

Make it a great day.


Bonus point – when you are in a time of need – ask for the help. Receive the love. Appreciate the service. Let go of your ego.

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