Daily Attitude Email 03 15 23

Watching some YouTube of a golfer playing on Bay Hill (a famous Arnold Palmer course) and remembered this email I had sent a few years back when he passed away…

Arnold Palmer passed away on Sunday.

If you don’t know, he was a famous golfer and golf person in general.

Being a golf fan I have heard quite a few Arnold Palmer stories and with his passing they are being told again and again.

But in the interest of trying to help all of our attitudes and our chances of success at life, I noticed something that maybe we can all learn from (since we are unlikely to become professional golfers any time soon).

If you consistently make an effort to make the day of those around you, you will make the world a better place.

Arnold Palmer consistently took time to talk with someone or take a quick picture or sign a quick autograph.

He had a smile or a laugh to share with everyone.

And it made a difference. Everyone from the most famous golfers to the janitor have a story about how Arnold positively impacted them.

Maybe you don’t have quite the reach that Arnold had.

Maybe you don’t have as much money as he had.

But you can make an impact, one person at a time, just like he did.


Talk to people.

Try to make their day.

Work to make the world a better place each day simply by interacting positively with those around you.

Make it a great day.


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