Daily Attitude Email 03 22 23

One of the most remarkable abilities that Steve Jobs had was his ability to focus on the “why” at Apple.

His almost single minded focus on simplicity and design truly revolutionized Apple (and several other industries along the way).

The stories of Steve reminded me of stories you would also hear about Edison, Ford or other great entrepreneur/inventors.

Stories of the owner of a large, dispersed organization going down to the design area and playing around with or spitballing ideas about a new product in the works. All the way down to the details. Worrying about the weight, shape or longevity of a particular part or product.

Seems like they each had a gift for visualizing the future and then making it happen. Bending their will and the will of others towards making their vision of the future come true.

Think about the single mindedness of these great inventors. Have one of them pictured in your mind? Good. Now think about your goals. Think about the flimsy excuses you let pass for not meeting them.

Now, attack your goals in the same way Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison might. Focus your mind and your will towards making them a reality. Then get to work.

Make it a great day.


PS – I should write a follow up email about using wisdom to count the cost and choosing wisely on what we focus on….all part of the maturing process.

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