Friday Morning Toe Tapper


Do you know anyone who, although perhaps on track to achieve their financial goals, is paying an enormous price by working in a job that is bearable at best, painful at worst?

This is a sure recipe for failure, for only when you are fully engaged in a job that challenges and inspires you can you find true happiness and satisfaction.

One of the challenges for every person is to develop a clear picture of an ideal career and then take the necessary steps to create it.

In my opinion Mavidea has and continues to create a healthy culture with core values that are inspiring.

Mavidea (and Maxlider) truly care about their employees by making time for them , listening to them, recognizing them, serving them and bringing out the best in everyone.

True happiness & satisfaction is hard to find in a career for most people. Waking up every morning and truly loving your job is so important.

Great Job Mavidea Leadership with making the work environment so enjoyable!

I have an exercise called Diamond Mapping if anyone is interested just shoot me a note. It ties together all the areas discussed this week.

And yes Jake here is your toe tapper for Friday……



Daily Attitude Email 03 25 21


Many people believe money is the root of all evil.

Do you believe this is this true or false? The Bible states, “Love of money is the root of all evil.”

Some say it is not money but the lack of money that is the source of so many of our social ills and emotional problems.

One of your primary responsibilities to yourself and to those you love is to achieve financial independence, to reach the point where you never have to worry about money again. Then you will be in a position to direct your energy to higher needs such as a sense of meaning and spiritual fulfillment.

Everyone feels differently about money. Ask yourself…how much is enough? Am I trying to keep up with the Jones’s? What does financial independence mean to me?

Be happy with whatever your answers are as financial security is a key to balance in your life.

I am no Financial Advisor but I do know this…Mavidea has a great 401k plan, participate now and reap the benefits later!

Have a great day! Jeff

Daily Attitu


Ok, being transparent here…my health and fitness has struggled a bit in the last year. Excuses are plentiful in my mind right now Covid19, the fact I don’t work at a health club anymore, I can’t fit it into my schedule, my injuries hold me back……………………………………………………………………………………I could go on forever and ever. Bottom line is I have not been intentional about my health.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the average person did not live past 50 years of age. Within a century, that life span had extended to 75 years, and will only continue to rise.

In fact, one of the fastest growing demographic groups includes people who are 80, 90 and even 100 years old. Though modern medicine is a big factor, healthy diet and exercise are the main proponents to a full and happy life — both now and many years in the future.

Health and Fitness is a key factor in your Life Balance.

Start simple, just put on those ear buds and go for a walk.

It will increase your energy level and make you happier! It will allow to focus better at work!

Exercise is medicine!

I am already smoking Erik in golf, can you imagine if I was in better shape how much worse it would be for him??

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Jeff Leverton

Daily Attitude Email 03 23 21


When I was at Four Seasons Health Club I would remind my staff as much as possible about the Four F’s that were most important to me…Faith/Family/Friends/Four Seasons…in that order.

Yes, work is important, it pays the bills, gives you financial freedom, etc. but…all said and done when it comes down to it your faith and relationships mean so much more.

It has been said that fully eighty-five percent of your happiness will come from good relationships with other people in your family and your personal life as well as your work.

Treating others in a manner that reflects your highest values brings you great happiness, peace and contentment.

The quality of the relationships in your life is more important than the size of your investment portfolio, the job title on your letterhead or the number of cars in your driveway.

In striving for successes in the other areas of life, it is easy and often tempting to sacrifice the very part of life that is the greatest source of joy as you grow older. You do so at your own peril.

Take a few minutes today (or heck everyday) and reach out to a family member or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hey! Try it!

Jeff Leverton

Daily Attitude Email 03 22 21

Enthusiasm Attracts and Energizes People

When you are energized about something, others are energized too! It spreads, from one person to the next. That key ingredient, that bit of “spice in the stew” that makes a good ride become a great one is enthusiasm. It’s the knowledge that you have a dream, you’re taking action on that dream, and you’re making things happen. Enthusiasm is attractive, like the thrill ride at an amusement park. People love to be part of something great.

Be enthusiastic and invite people on that ride!

Jeff Leverton

Daily Attitude Email 03 22 21

What’s up y’all! With Jake being on vacation this week I was honored and blessed to be asked to be a “guest host” this week for the Daily Attitude Emails. Actually I was the only one to raise my hand….LOL! I know there are a few of you on vacation this week so I thought it would be fitting to spend these next five days writing about the importance of BALANCE in your life. On Friday I will have a little application exercise for everyone, so here we go…..

WARNING – I tend to get a little wordy!


One key to increasing your happiness/productivity is to master the art of balance in your life.

Too many people realize success in their lives/businesses only to wake up and discover that they have paid an untenable price in their health, their relationships, and other important aspects of their lives.

With the pressures of today’s society (especially recently with THE VID19) in running a successful business, building a career (or whatever it is) in a rapidly changing, highly competitive world, people often sacrifice important elements of their life, assuring themselves that, when they have reached the top of the mountain, then they will expand their horizons.

Your business and career represent but one cylinder in your seven-cylinder truck (Maxlider plug…). To get maximum efficiency from your internal engine, you must ensure that all cylinders are firing in sync.

This balance will give you a competitive edge that will dramatically improve your productivity as well as enhance the overall quality of your life. Strive to balance your Business and Career with the other six elements of your life.

Financial Independence • Health and Fitness • Family and Personal Life • Personal Growth and Development • Social and Community Service • Spiritual Development and Inner Peace

The next four days will be focused on four of these life segments that are most easily measured, and will hopefully give you some small nuggets to help you balance your life.


Jeff Leverton

Friday Morning Toe Tapper


This is an Irish tune that gets played a lot at our house.

Each time I hear it I am reminded of just how lucky I am (and believe all of us to be).

For some reason that I can’t completely fathom, God is working this wonderful plan for the world that He wants us to be a part of.

He has a special place in that plan for each and every one of us.

He wants us all to be a part of this wonderful dance. To lean into it and live it to our fullest.

St. Patrick’s Day not only celebrates Ireland and Irish culture, it also celebrates St. Patrick himself and the work he did to share God’s love.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 03 18 21

Today Oliver turns 8. I went in search of previous daily attitude emails about him and found this one from when he turned two.

It seemed fitting still as he still works hard to entertain almost every night at dinner time.

Today is little Oliver’s second birthday. Hard to believe our third child is already two.

There are so many thoughts and lessons little Oliver is teaching me that I could share, but one sticks out as I think about it.

Enthusiasm makes the difference.

Like his sisters, Oliver is full of enthusiasm.

Whether he is saying “Ay yike it” or “Ay love peas!”, he constantly is enthusiastic about whatever he and we have going on.

His enthusiasm is contagious. Many nights at dinner you can hear the rest of us repeating him and his excitement for whatever is going on.

Today, let’s all seek out some enthusiasm for whatever it is that we are doing. Whether it be eating peas or just spending time with our loved ones, let’s do it with enthusiasm.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 03 16 21

Another St. Patrick’s Day DAE from a few years ago.

I’m on vacation next week and taking volunteers to send out daily attitude emails. If you are interested, send me what you want to send and I’ll get it sent out to everyone.

Found this old toe tapper from a few years ago and wanted to send it out again before St. Patrick’s Day.


Not sure I caught all the lyrics, but it sure sounds happy.

Someone mentioned this song on the FaceBox and I found this Irish version that reminded me of our family’s adventure to Ireland last year around this time.

Figured while I am thinking about it I would share a couple of good pics from Ireland.

One of my Irish lass and our oldest and one a collage of the wee Irish lasses in their flower girl get-ups.

Make it a great Friday.