Daily Attitude Email 11 21 22

If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share. – W. Clement Stone

Being thankful is a great place to start because it reminds us that we have something to give.

We weren’t put on this earth to just consume all that we can and be thankful along the way. We were made to give.

If you are thankful for all the love in your life, show it and share it.

If you are lucky enough to have a little extra money, give it away.

If you have some free time, find a place to volunteer.

There are many ways we can share this holiday season.

A great place to start is that list you think of over Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. As you think of what you are thankful for, take a moment to think of a way to share whatever it is you are thinking about.

Our real opportunity to change this place forever lies in our ability to share and give the best of ourselves with others.

What are you going to share?

Make it a great day.


Friday Morning Toe Tapper


First snow on the ground in Central IL this week.

Oliver has developed into quite the snow lover. He has been so excited to come home and run out into the snow and play.

Every time winter comes – it sure seems easier to move into complaining mode.

To dread the cold, the snow and the shorter days. To worry about the seemingly inevitable round of cold or bug that goes around each year.

Instead – Oliver thinks it’s the best day of his life. He’s smiling so wide he could eat a banana sideways.

Maybe a few of us could use a perspective change.

Find something you like about winter and embrace it.

Hot chocolate, coffee or tea.

A warm blanket next to fireplace.

Some quiet time to read and reflect.

A fast sled ride down a steep hill (that’s pretty high up on Oliver’s list).

Maybe even make up some new traditions for the winter at your house.

Winter can be a great season – if you choose.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 11 17 22

Below is a daily attitude email from a few years back.

This story reminded me that there are people out there that have it much harder than I do. I have yet to work at a job plucking chickens, and that was the least of the difficulties.

This story also reminded me of turning lemons into lemonade. We all have personality quirks, idiosyncrasies, and personal issues; and we all have the opportunity to turn these into something special. Something that only we can do.

Make it a great day.


A true short bio – A DREAMER AND HIS DREAM

Let me tell you, Jesse hated this job. And you would too I imagine, if you had to do it. Jesse was a chicken plucker. That’s right. He stood on a line in a chicken factory and spent his days pulling the feathers off dead chickens so the rest of us wouldn’t have to.

It wasn’t much of a job. But at the time, Jesse didn’t think he was much of a person. His father was a brute of a man. His dad was actually thought to be mentally ill and treated Jesse rough all of his life.

Jesse’s older brother wasn’t much better. He was always picking on Jesse and beating him up. Yes, Jesse grew up in a very rough home in West Virginia. Life was anything but easy.

And he thought life didn’t hold much hope for him. That’s why he was standing in this chicken line doing a job that very few people wanted.

In addition to all the rough treatment at home, it seems that Jesse was always sick. Sometimes it was real physical illness, but way too often it was all in his head. He was a small child, skinny and meek. That sure didn’t help the situation any.

When he started to school, he was the object of every bully on the playground.

He was a hypochondriac of the first order. For Jesse, tomorrow was not always something to be looked forward to. But, he had dreams. He wanted to be a ventriloquist. He found books on ventriloquism. He practiced with sock puppets and saved his hard earned dollars until he could get a real ventriloquist dummy.

When he got old enough, he joined the military. And even though many of his hypochondriac symptoms persisted, the military did recognize his talents and put him in the entertainment corp. That was when his world changed.

He gained confidence. He found that he had a talent for making people laugh, And laugh so hard they often had tears in their eyes.

Yes, little Jesse had found himself. You know, folks, the history books are full of people who overcame a handicap to go on and make a success of themselves, but Jesse is one of the few I know who didn’t overcome it. Instead he used his paranoia to make a million dollars, and become one of the best-loved characters of all time in doing it!

Yes, that little paranoid hypochondriac, who transferred his nervousness into a successful career, still holds the record for the most Emmy’s given in a single category.

The wonderful, gifted, talented, and nervous comedian who brought us Barney Fife was Jesse Don Knotts.


There is a street named for him and his statue in Morgantown, West Virginia, his place of birth.

Daily Attitude Email 11 16 22

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. – Paul Valery

Getting somewhere meaningful requires action.

I like the word picture here of waking up.

Waking up physically and taking real, tangible steps towards a better future.

Waking up mentally and having the clarity of mind to cultivate the thoughts and wisdom that would lead to a better future.

Waking up and taking an honest, clear look in the mirror and owning your current results.

Waking up to what is actually important.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 11 15 22

The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. – Socrates

This is a great idea when you are stuck on getting started on something.

Focus all your attention on the first, smallest step – and take it.

So much creating the good life happens by crowding out all the bad stuff.

Keep focused on the positive and keep moving towards it.

The rest will fall into place.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 11 14 22

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. – Aristotle

So much of our maturity lies in the decision we make between the moment we have a thought and whatever happens next.

Do we accept or reject it?

Do we act on it or let it pass?

Do we believe it and accept it as part of our identity?

Do we weighs its pros and cons?

What thoughts might need a little closer examination?

Thoughts like….

Its only this one small thing….what difference does it make.

I’m unlikeable/unlovable and that explains….

I don’t have time to….

One more day and then I’ll start….

It’s their fault that…..

If only he/she would…..

If I had more money/time I’d…..

Our minds are a fertile garden, growing whatever is planted. Habitual thoughts get planted, deeply and consistently. If we’d like a garden filled with joy, peace, love, etc. then we must plant carefully.

Make it a great day.


Friday Morning Toe Tapper

A toe tapper from a few years ago on Veterans Day.


Last night I watched the last of the “Band of Brothers” HBO series.

The last line really stuck with me.

They ended with interviews with the actual veterans.

The last one told the story of his grandson asking if he had been a hero in the war.

“No, but I served with some.”

Wow. It takes a lot of character to conduct yourself like that.

We should all be proud of the legacy left by the great men and women in our armed forces and those who are currently serving.

Thank a veteran today.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 11 10 22

“When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a great description of our fears.

A scary looking man with a fake beard that immediately becomes a farce when confronted.

Think about what is holding you back from reaching your goals.

What are you afraid of?

Afraid of failure?

Afraid someone might laugh at you?

Afraid someone won’t like you anymore?

Afraid of losing control?

Afraid that it might actually work?

Take the first step today. Take the step through your fears.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 11 09 22

The Powerball is up to around $2 billion.

I’m not a lottery player, but when it gets this high it is hard not to think about what you would do with all the money.

Jim Rohn talks about the idea of becoming a millionaire before you get the million dollars. Or else you won’t handle the money very well.

Stories have been written about the lottery winners whose lives have been ruined.

It’s easy to be tempted to think of the extravagances and exotic purchases you could make with all that money, but that fun wouldn’t last.

The important stuff is available without the $2 billion.










$2 billion might even make some of those harder.

Thanksgiving comes before Christmas for a good reason – thankfulness is a great place to start when tempted to fall into wanting and focusing on “more” and “stuff”.

I know I’m going against the grain here but my sincere wish for all of you is that you get all the stuff from the list above and maybe the lottery goes to someone else.

Make it a great day.