Daily Attitude Email 9 4 12

In honor of Labor Day I thought I would share some excerpts from a speech FDR gave on Labor Day in 1941.

Here is a link to the whole speech:


“There has never been a moment in our history when Americans were not ready to stand up as free men and fight for their rights.

In times of national emergency, one fact is brought home to us, clearly and decisively—the fact that all of our rights are interdependent.

The right of freedom of worship would mean nothing without freedom of speech. And the rights of free labor as we know them today could not survive without the rights of free enterprise.

That is the indestructible bond that is between us—between all of us Americans: interdependence of interests, privileges, opportunities, responsibilities—interdependence of rights.”

What a great and important thought as we work together everyday. Our rights and our goals are interdependent. If we want ourselves to flourish we must give the best of ourselves to each other.

“American workers, American farmers, American businessmen, American church people—all of us together—have the great responsibility and the great privilege of laboring to build a democratic world on enduring foundations.

May it be said on some future Labor Day by some future President of the United States that we did our work faithfully and well.”

May it be said that we did our work faithfully and well.

What a great thought for the day as we all go about our work.

Make it a great day.


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