The Phrase That Pays

“Be brief on the logic and reason portion of your presentation. There are probably about a thousand facts about an automobile, but you don’t need them all to make a decision. About a half dozen will do.” — Jim Rohn

“You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.” — Jim Rohn

“If we could capture the mental picture in our minds of how the future will be, given our current direction, perhaps we would become more serious about our lives.” — Jim Rohn

“Doing more is only part of the answer. The real answer lies in becoming more than we are so that our increased potential becomes an integral part of everything we do.” — Jim Rohn

“It is the small disciplines that lead to great accomplishments. When average people give care and attention to important matters, their own growth into greatness merely awaits the passage of time.” — Jim Rohn

“The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” — Jim Rohn

No management meeting today so I used the last 6 quotes from Jim Rohn’s Facebook page since I know everyone was missing some Jim Rohn quotes.

If you like any of the Jim Rohn stuff I have sent over the years, like his Facebook page. They usually post a couple of good quotes a day.


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