Daily Attitude Email 1 14 13

Life is not accountable to us. We are accountable to life. – Dennis Waitley

Another season of Biggest Loser has started.

Every season I notice some little tidbit that I hadn’t before.

This time it was accountability.

They showed the “update” for the person who had gotten sent home on week 1 at the end of the episode and he had already lost a ton of weight at home.

Here was a guy who was over 30 and had been overweight for many, many years.

He had some strong motivation to lose weight as he had a strong, emotionally charged situation happen with his son.

He had watched the show for 5 years, so he knew it was possible.

He had access to the internet so there was no lack of knowledge.

But he didn’t lose weight until after he was sent home from the show.

I thought that maybe a portion of that motivation came from accountability.

By being on the show he had gained a new accountability partner, everyone who watches the show.

He knew that he would be on TV in front of millions of people weighing in to see how well he did.

As you look at your goals for this year, look for someone to hold you accountable as well.

Share your goals with them.

Give them updates on your progress.

Lean on them for a pick me up when you want to quit.

Make it a great day.


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