Daily Attitude Email 1 15 13

I have been slowly but surely working through the Jim Rohn one year to success program and last week included Jim’s take on 9 “Principles to Live By” in order to leave the legacy you would like to.

I am going to send out each one over the next 9 DAE emails.

Consider others’ interests as important as your own.

Turning your thoughts and actions from selfish to selfless is such a powerful driver for positive change.

Even at 34, this lesson still hits me all the time as I go about my day.

Realizing that the other driver has somewhere to be as well.

Realizing that the person in the grocery store line is in the same hurry as I am.

Realizing that the customer or coworker who just asked for help is just as busy as I am.

Spend a minute today thinking about what situations you might improve upon in this area of your life.

Make it a great day.


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