Daily Attitude Email – 11/13/13

Good morning from the 2013Q4 HTG Peer Group meeting in Orlando, FL. This is always one of my favorite events as I get the chance to catch up (face-to-face) with the colleagues and vendors who have been instrumental in the growth and success of ITConnexx.

The event started Monday with a day of Leadership training. The keynote speaker was Barbara Glanz. Barbara spoke about “Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm – Creating Workplaces of Passion, Purpose and Productivity.”

Of course, Barbara shared her thoughts and expertise on a variety of topics. She discussed how to be creative with communication. She reminded us of the importance of showing appreciation and being respectful. She touched on empathy, enthusiasm and how to add a human element to business communication.

At the end of her talk, Barbara shared the story of a young man who attended one of her presentations several years ago. This young man was a leader and truly inspirational. Johnny the Bagger, with nothing more than a caring and positive attitude, transformed an average grocery store (and his checkout line) into a place that people went out of their way to visit – just for a little inspiration.

Click here to see the story of Johnny the Bagger

Like Johnny, you can make a difference in somebody’s life.

Smile at a stranger. Hold open a door. Go out of your way to be helpful.

It’s easy to do and will make a difference.

Have a great Wednesday!


Brian O’Shaughnessy


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