Daily Attitude Email 11 2 16 (Susie Vigil Edition)

“It’s an invitation to rearrange everything. It’s the starting place for creation. It’s the bucket of paint that the artist can make into something beautiful. It’s the possibility that things can change – for the better. Another name? Chaos.” – Danielle Strickland, A Beautiful Mess

What a wonderful new perspective to have when things are going a little haywire and not quite in the order or way we expect. When life gets chaotic!

We have believed so long that chaos is bad, but maybe she’s right. Maybe it is just the beginning of something better. Maybe it is an opportunity to create a new sense of order. Maybe chaos is our cue to refocus, take a deep breath and get busy creating a new situation.

Maybe with faith and when handled with love, chaos is a good thing. Maybe it helps us grow and become wiser and stronger and more creative. Maybe some chaos can be welcomed!

Susie Vigil

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