Daily Attitude Email 11 3 16 (Ron Gould Edition)

Being a Cubs fan builds character.

I just witnessed the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in – say it with me – one hundred eight years. If you missed it, the seventh and final game had everything a Cub fan expects to see – dazzling plays, great optimism, missed opportunities, shaken confidence, concern, renewed hope, excitement, enthusiasm, exuberance, tension, disappointment, despair, a glimmer of light, great anticipation, more disappointment, resignation, and then – unexpected success!

Just like life.

What was the key to their success? Cubs manager Joe Madden, and every player interviewed after the game, said pretty much the same thing: believe in yourself, remember to have fun, take each day as it comes – one game at a time – and never quit. Ever.

I think that may be the best take away from the whole experience for me. To remember in life, as in baseball, take one day at a time, trust that I have what it takes to be successful, enjoy the journey, and never quit.

Make it a great day, and Go Cubs!

Ron Gould

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