Daily Attitude Email 05 10 18

I one heard a TED talk by Rick Warren and he mentioned something I found interesting.

He was talking about the idea that he believes that we as human beings have some obligation to leave this planet better than we left it. He mentioned having a conversation with someone once and asking them if they believe that we have this obligation.

The person responded with something like "no more obligation than a duck or any other animal".

Rick’s response really stuck with me.

He said "You are not a duck".

Think about that for a second. If you believe that human beings are not ducks, but that we are something different and unique then we have the obligation of stewardship that Rick talks about.

We are all given something to be stewards over during our lives. At the very least, we are stewards of our own time and lives.

And since we are not ducks, we must use them wisely. How we spend our days and our lives does matter.

Make today count.


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