Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Since it felt like summer a few times this week I went in search of a summer “Toe Tapper” from the past…..I came across one sent from the most beautiful woman in the world!

I suggested this song to Jake, and then he suggested I write about it. J

This is on my happy songs playlist because it reminds me of being a kid in the summer (even though that’s not really what the song is about). It brings back a certain summer feeling…riding in my dad’s pickup truck with the windows down on a hot Saturday morning running errands, or riding the train with friends to the city in the evening and walking down to the lake where it’s always cooler. Sitting on a hot bleacher bench enjoying the nervous wait to be on deck by being silly with team mates, or watching my favorite brother play baseball, or sitting under the lights among a huge crowd at Comiskey hoping Big Frank hits a homer so the scoreboard will go off. Walking to tennis lessons in the morning coolness, and then walking home as it’s starting to heat up, and stopping at White Hen for a slushie. Later in life, a couple of cold beers in the evening at an outdoor party; watching the kids at the 4th of July parade with its loud sirens bouncing off the hot pavement, then the excitement of lightening bugs and fireworks in the dark; taking the kids to the pool when the sun is not quite so blazing overhead and it’s a little less crowded and a lot more relaxed.

In the summer we get to enjoy the heat of the day, and the different world of the summer nights, too.


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