Daily Attitude Email 03 05 19

In one of his speeches, Jim Rohn talks about a baseball player.

Imagine that someone is great at baseball. Imagine they also want a family and a great marriage.

A baseball career isn’t ideal for raising a family, but the opportunity to add value to the world by sharing his talents with the world can make the world better and bring joy to many.

How does one balance such a decision?

How can we have our cake and eat it to?

We each have this decision to make in our own way every day. How do we spend our time and talents? How do we prioritize our day and make the big decisions?

It requires soul searching.

It requires thoughtful reflection.

Both of these require time and space, regularly.

Do you make time to think about how your life is balanced?

Are you spending too much time at work or not enough?

Are you spending the right amount of time on the right things?

I’m not sure we can get this right. I don’t believe it’s about getting to perfect.

I do believe in better. Better is out there and within reach.

Make it a great day.


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