Daily Attitude Email 04 10 19

Today, Annie turns 10. I found the email below that I sent out on her 8th birthday….

Today marks Annie’s 8th birthday.

She is such an awesome kid.

She is also a middle child. I’ve tried to use this as a teaching moment for her over the years.

It’s easy to feel like being the middle child means not quite getting to do what the oldest gets to do while not quite getting the attention the youngest gets.

I’ve encouraged Annie to adopt a different attitude.

I often tell her “You have a special role in our family. You are the only one that gets to be a big sister AND a little sister.”

It’s so easy in life to compare ourselves to others and think about what we don’t have or what would like instead of what we have.

But I’m convinced that God has a special role and place for each of us.

For some of us, all that stands in the way of embracing that role is a change of attitude.

Make it a great day.


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