Daily Attitude Email 04 11 19


Saw this great post from Seth Godin the other day and a few things stood out. In particular:

“No points for busy.

Points for successful prioritization. Points for efficiency and productivity. Points for doing work that matters.

No points for busy.”

Busy doing what? That’s a question I try to ask myself frequently.

What really ate up your day?

What are you really spending your time on?

When I look hard at answering these questions two things stand out:

I waste more time than I would care to admit and using time as the excuse for not doing something meaningful is just that – an excuse.

And that I spend a lot of time doing “ordinary” things.

Driving to work.

Taking a shower.

Doing the dishes.

Instructing (sometimes too loudly) the children.

I end up feeling challenged to add meaning to the little stuff of life.

The Bible says “rejoice always, pray continuously and give thanks in all circumstances”.

Always, continuously and all seem pretty inclusive to me – this means I need to find it in me to find joy, pray and be thankful even when brushing my teeth or taking out the trash.

Busy doing what? Hopefully being joyful, praying and being thankful.

What are you busy doing?

Make it a great day.


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