Friday Morning Toe Tapper

This song is catchy and kind of fun and it illustrates the main characters downfall – pride.

CS Lewis identified pride as the major obstacle in becoming our best self.

Here’s a quote:

What but to thank God for the “excellent absurdity” which enables us, if it so happen, to play great parts without pride and little ones without dejection, rejecting nothing through that false modesty which is only another form of pride, and never, when we occupy for a moment the centre of the stage, forgetting that the play would have gone off just as well without us . . . This is the spirit which ought to govern even the smallest and most temporary assumptions of the higher place . . .

Every time I read his thoughts on pride I am reminded that I still have work to do.

Challenge yourself – take a hard line on pride.

Work to remove its effects completely in your life.

Maybe start by reading some CS Lewis….

Make it a great day.


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