Daily Attitude Email 04 15 19

Yesterday I watched most of the final round of The Masters (golf tournament) on the line.

In the end, Tiger Woods completed one of sports all time greatest comeback stories by winning after his fall from grace and many injuries that have kept him off his game for a long time.

What struck me most was the crowd’s reaction.

They celebrated.

They cheered.

They forgave.

Tiger is an imperfect champion who has done things most people would have a hard time forgiving.

But the crowd was with him. They forgave his transgressions and welcomed his show of excellence.

It seemed fitting to me that this would happen the Sunday before Easter.

God has done the same thing for all of us.

He knows all the little faults and transgressions. Each of them feels to Him as egregious as anything Tiger has done.

And yet….

Anytime we show up for Him with excellence he stands and cheers. Chants our name. Tears of joy cover His face.

At least that’s how I imagine it.

He’s a fan of the best of version of you. As if you were the only one playing the game.

Watching the crowd treat Tiger like that reminded me just how lucky I am to know a God that feels the same for me.

If you think I’ve taken too much a leap here in connecting all this to God (that seems like me), think instead about your closest loved ones.

Think about cheering like that for them.

Think about performing for them in a way that deserves cheering.

Make it a great day.


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