Daily Attitude Email 07 22 19

We officially have a teenager in the house – Maggie turned 13 on Saturday.

We had a lot to celebrate, Maggie is a great kid.

It was another reminder of how precious our time together really is.

It feels like we’re at the top of a roller coaster about to head down the speedy, winding path of what is hopefully as awesome ride that (hopefully) “ends” with Maggie out on her own in the world being the best version of herself possible.

Even though it will go quickly, I was reminded to enjoy the moments.

Even the hard ones.

We are all given precious few years on Earth to do and become our best.

It’s easy to get worried about the future or brood over the past, but we must do our best to be in and find joy in the moments have now, right now.

Enjoy today. Enjoy these precious moments. They won’t last forever.

Make it a great day.


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