Daily Attitude Email 03 18 21

Today Oliver turns 8. I went in search of previous daily attitude emails about him and found this one from when he turned two.

It seemed fitting still as he still works hard to entertain almost every night at dinner time.

Today is little Oliver’s second birthday. Hard to believe our third child is already two.

There are so many thoughts and lessons little Oliver is teaching me that I could share, but one sticks out as I think about it.

Enthusiasm makes the difference.

Like his sisters, Oliver is full of enthusiasm.

Whether he is saying “Ay yike it” or “Ay love peas!”, he constantly is enthusiastic about whatever he and we have going on.

His enthusiasm is contagious. Many nights at dinner you can hear the rest of us repeating him and his excitement for whatever is going on.

Today, let’s all seek out some enthusiasm for whatever it is that we are doing. Whether it be eating peas or just spending time with our loved ones, let’s do it with enthusiasm.

Make it a great day.


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