Daily Attitude Email 03 23 21


When I was at Four Seasons Health Club I would remind my staff as much as possible about the Four F’s that were most important to me…Faith/Family/Friends/Four Seasons…in that order.

Yes, work is important, it pays the bills, gives you financial freedom, etc. but…all said and done when it comes down to it your faith and relationships mean so much more.

It has been said that fully eighty-five percent of your happiness will come from good relationships with other people in your family and your personal life as well as your work.

Treating others in a manner that reflects your highest values brings you great happiness, peace and contentment.

The quality of the relationships in your life is more important than the size of your investment portfolio, the job title on your letterhead or the number of cars in your driveway.

In striving for successes in the other areas of life, it is easy and often tempting to sacrifice the very part of life that is the greatest source of joy as you grow older. You do so at your own peril.

Take a few minutes today (or heck everyday) and reach out to a family member or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hey! Try it!

Jeff Leverton

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