Friday Morning Toe Tapper


Do you know anyone who, although perhaps on track to achieve their financial goals, is paying an enormous price by working in a job that is bearable at best, painful at worst?

This is a sure recipe for failure, for only when you are fully engaged in a job that challenges and inspires you can you find true happiness and satisfaction.

One of the challenges for every person is to develop a clear picture of an ideal career and then take the necessary steps to create it.

In my opinion Mavidea has and continues to create a healthy culture with core values that are inspiring.

Mavidea (and Maxlider) truly care about their employees by making time for them , listening to them, recognizing them, serving them and bringing out the best in everyone.

True happiness & satisfaction is hard to find in a career for most people. Waking up every morning and truly loving your job is so important.

Great Job Mavidea Leadership with making the work environment so enjoyable!

I have an exercise called Diamond Mapping if anyone is interested just shoot me a note. It ties together all the areas discussed this week.

And yes Jake here is your toe tapper for Friday……


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