Daily Attitude Email 03 25 21


Many people believe money is the root of all evil.

Do you believe this is this true or false? The Bible states, “Love of money is the root of all evil.”

Some say it is not money but the lack of money that is the source of so many of our social ills and emotional problems.

One of your primary responsibilities to yourself and to those you love is to achieve financial independence, to reach the point where you never have to worry about money again. Then you will be in a position to direct your energy to higher needs such as a sense of meaning and spiritual fulfillment.

Everyone feels differently about money. Ask yourself…how much is enough? Am I trying to keep up with the Jones’s? What does financial independence mean to me?

Be happy with whatever your answers are as financial security is a key to balance in your life.

I am no Financial Advisor but I do know this…Mavidea has a great 401k plan, participate now and reap the benefits later!

Have a great day! Jeff

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