Friday Morning Toe Tapper (Meaghan Style)

Higher Love :: sung by Whitney Houston (1990), remixed by Kygo (2019), written by Steve Winwood & Will Jennings (1986)

Think about it

There must be a higher love

Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above

Without it

Life is wasted time

Look inside your heart and I’ll look inside mine

Preach, Whitney!

Who else loves some Whitney?

Who else needs a higher love?

I believe we all do, and that it is ours if we ask for it and seek it out. There is a love in this world beyond what we can even fathom, but sometimes I can feel it. I feel it when I look at layer upon layer of petals in a flower, or into the eyes of a shy middle school kid who just wants to fit in (or for someone to please notice them). I feel it when I hear a group of people singing or playing instruments together, and when I receive a genuine, understanding smile or hug from a trusted friend. I feel it when I see snow falling in the street light against the night sky, or at a bright blue one wearing magical clouds and colors of the sunset. Often against my will, tears fill my eyes when I feel this higher love made physical in the ordinary miracles of my normal days. I know that this higher love really is in both the stars above and in our hearts.

I also know we are all just as imperfect as Whitney was, in our own ways, but I hope we can try to be vessels of a higher love and pass it on to and through one another as we go about our days. We may not have an overwhelmingly beautiful vocal range, but we all have something wonderful to contribute.

Happy Friday, everyone! 💙🖤

(Now try not to get sucked down a Whitney rabbit hole on YouTube. I was just taken back to my middle school years when I was obsessed with The Body Guard Soundtrack…yeah, I had the cassette tape.)


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