Daily Attitude Email 08 18 22

Found this DAE from a few years ago and wanted to send it out again on the first day of school for this year.


Back to school day at the Davis house, so I thought I would start everyone’s Monday off with a little Kid President.

As usual, he mixes goofy and smart into this video pretty well.

I particularly like the question – what are you teaching the world?

Whether you like it or not, you are teaching others something.

Our choices, attitudes and thoughts show through for others to learn from as we go about our day.

Jim Rohn uses the words “behold” and “beware” a lot in his speeches, and I think it fits here too.

Behold all of the good things being taught around us and by us.

Beware all of the negative being taught and shown around us.

Make today a day of positive teaching.

Make it a great day.


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