Daily Attitude Email 09 13 22

A big idea I’ve tried to pass on to the kids – you are worth it.

You are worth doing it right.

You are worth treating others fairly.

You are worth being selfless.

You are worth doing the hard work.

You are worth the self-discipline.

What I mean by this is that your future and your happiness in part depend on the choices you make today. And you’re worth making the good choices. You are worth developing yourself into a person of character.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made by a Creator who loves you more than you can imagine. There is NOTHING you can do that will change His mind about you. He’s all in.

You are the one and only you.

Make it a great day.


PS – the flip side of this is true too. Everyone else is worth it. Everyone else is worth all the love and support we can muster. Everyone else is worth all the respect and accountability that you deserve and desire. Everyone else is worth the best you.

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