Daily Attitude Email 09 14 22

“Busy is the new stupid.” – Ed Baldwin

Over the years I have become more and more convinced how “busy” has become a meaningless throw away word.

Something that just gets put in the place where another word should be instead, like good or nice or stuff or like or …..

The interesting thing about this one though is that at some point a lot of us bought into it. We bought into the idea that more busy equals more better.

We fill our time (and our homes and our cars and our….) with more and more busy until we feel like we are “winning” the busy contest.

Only to find out later that we are all the same amount of busy. 24 hours passes at exactly the same rate for us as it does Bono (or someone else who you think is really important).

Today I give you permission (ignore the fact that I have no actual power over you) to let go of busy. Let go of trying to cram it all in. Decide on what is important and do that. Make a top 5 list for the day (or a top 1 list to start).

And then do it again tomorrow.

Do it enough days in a row to build a habit.

Make it a way of life.

On second thought, maybe there is a way to win the “busy” game. Stop playing it.

Make it a great day.



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