Daily Attitude Email 10 06 22

One of my favorite mental images is one I heard about on a podcast from Rick Warren.

On the podcast, Rick describes God sitting on the end of the bed in the morning, looking at each and every one of us and saying “I can’t wait to see their face, to see what they are going to do today…”.

This image provides a lot of peace and positive energy for myself, to be sure.

But for me, this image is most helpful when thinking of others.

No matter who the person is and how good or bad I may deem them to be, God is sitting at the end of their bed each morning, looking for the best in them with love.

It’s easy to get frustrated with others. To get upset with those that don’t agree with you. To be disappointed with those that don’t meet your expectations.

I find it helps to think of these people as that quiet, sleeping bundle of potential seeking their own way in this world to be loved and to love.

When we can think of others in this light, we open ourselves up to look for the good in them.

We open ourselves up to love and be loved in a better way.

Make it a great day.


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