Daily Attitude Email 11 28 22

Each time we visit another area of the country we get a glimpse into how people live in those areas.

This last trip was no different. We spent some time on Anna Marie Island – a whole island of people literally living on the beach.

These visits are a reminder – we can freely choose to order our lives as we see fit. We could choose to live on the beach on an island.

Or on a mountain.

Or in a big city.

Or close to family.

Or ….fill in the blank.

Maybe you’ve thought through it all and are exactly where you want to be. Maybe a little tweak would make your current situation more ideal. Maybe a change in attitude is needed.

Either way – it’s worthwhile to imagine ideal for you and move towards it.

Make it a great day.


PS – To be clear – I don’t believe where and how you choose to live should not be some self-centered, hedonistic pursuit of perpetual comfort. How and where you spend your time can be an exercise in finding your ultimate place to be of the most service to others in love.

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