Daily Attitude Email 09 21 21

When I asked Maggie what to send out about the 11th anniversary of sending daily attitude emails, she said something about it being weird that I would send something out to celebrate my own genius.

Kids are good at keeping us humble…

My first thought though was of gratitude.

Gratitude for the nice notes in response to certain emails.

Gratitude for all of you putting up with the dumb emails.

Gratitude for letting me come into your email box with my fumbled attempts to understand the world in a way that adds value to your life.

For all the times I’ve failed, I’m sorry.

For the times the emails have been helpful, that has been more about God’s grace and your unique response to the words, I am sure of it.

Thanks for being a receiver of the daily attitude emails.

Make it a great day.



  1. Jake, I love that Maggie! Great morning emails. I am proud of you and your endeavor! As ever, Neighbor and Church Lady Jenny

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